Thank you for considering a donation through this site. From here, there are two ways for you to contribute to the fight against cancer:

First – directly.

I am sure that you have your own favorite cancer institution, research center, or organization. You should always start there.

Me, personally, I have been touched by the efforts of five major institutions. They are (alphabetically):

Clicking on any of these links will lead you to their websites where you can contribute directly.

This is the recommended, and most efficient way for you to contribute. All sites have options for your donation to be recognized “In memoriam...” or “In honor of...” If you choose to honor this project, please honor “Five Years Out” and not me individually – my hope is that this project will take root and inspire others.

Second – through Five Years Out.

The Five Years Out project is made up of two parts: The book of the same title and this website, both containing 248 photographs of people and places from around the world, taken over a period of five years. You can support this project by purchasing the book through This is a coffee-table photography book, 10” x 12”, 128 pages with the work shown here, expertly laid-out by Anne Redmond.

All profits from sales of the book are distributed to the organizations above on an annual basis, each December.

Thank you for your donation and your support.

Chris Moschovitis
New York City, NY

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